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Internal Revenue Service
The federal government’s best source for information regarding all taxes administered by the Internal Revenue Service.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
The Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue administers and collects most of Wisconsin’s statewide taxes.


Wisconsin Income Tax Refund Inquiry
This link can be used to confirm the status of your expected Wisconsin tax refund.

Illinois Income Tax Refund Inquiry
This link can be used to confirm the status of your expected Illinois tax refund.

Internal Revenue Service On-Line EIN Application Process
This website is the on-line system to apply for a federal EIN. Click here for the paper-based application form.

Wisconsin Revisor of Statutes
The Wisconsin Revisor of Statutes Bureau maintains a searchable version of Wisconsin law and the state’s administrative code, among other resources.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
The Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development handles, among other issues, state unemployment taxes and benefits.

Federation of Tax Administrators
This page provides a map which contains links to the tax department home pages for the 50 states, D.C. and P.R.

The Uniform CPA Examination
If you are interested in becoming a CPA or are just curious about the rigorous credentialing examination all CPAs are required to pass, visit this website.

Unclaimed Property Information
Don’t pay someone a finder’s fee to tell you about your unclaimed property; check Wisconsin and national databases for free.

EdVest and tomorrow’s scholar
Learn about Wisconsin’s Section 529 college savings plans and federal and Wisconsin tax benefits for participants.