Any time you have employees working for your business, you are subject to various requirements for collecting, paying, and reporting payroll taxes.  You may think the independent contractor you hired is not your employee, but the tax agencies might think otherwise.  The professionals of Kohler and Franklin, LLC are available to assist you in making sure that you are properly registered with the appropriate federal and state agencies and are in full compliance with all federal and state income tax, payroll tax, worker’s compensation, and unemployment tax requirements, including quarterly and annual tax payments and tax form filings. We will also help you verify the legal employment eligibility of your employees and can walk you through the myriad of pre-tax and after-tax payroll options to maximize the benefits available to your employees

For smaller businesses who opt not to use a payroll processing service, we can help you determine the correct amount of gross and net wages payable to your employees on the pay dates you select and will help you pay the taxes when due. For those clients using a service provider, we are able to work with the payroll processor to provide similar information so as to have a coordinated payroll process in place.